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* 1990 in Munich
Lives and works in Munich

In us there is a wellspring of hedonism, the little voice telling us that it won’t hurt to have just one more. Most of us know what it’s like to “let go” in the heat of a moment, and most of us know intimately the highs that come with it. But we also know that no high can last. The higher we go, the harder we fall – an unsettling truth.

The subjects in Nina’s works are euphoric, intoxicated, and jubilant. They are in a state of arousal. But their anxious grimaces betray their insecurities and the lingering awareness that all this excess cannot last. And it is this duality that Nina aims to convey to her viewers, who, perhaps seeing themselves reflected on the canvas, are meant to receive a “tenuous pleasure” from her works.

Using bright and garish colors, Nina gives her viewers a visual feast upon which to gorge as they reflect on their own place in the scenes they see before them.


2021 Ich hab so gern Vergnügen, No Depression Room, Munich, Germany
2021 Sugar in your Eyes, La Causa Galeria, Madrid, Spain
2022 Premium Pleasures, Moosey, London, UK
2023 Come on, come over, delights forever, La Causa Galeria, Madrid, Spain 
2024 Let them drink Champagne!, Better go South, Berlin (January)

2021 Premiere Show, Moosey, London, UK
2022 Urvanity Art Fair with La Causa Galeria, Madrid, Spain
2022 Premiere Show, Better Go South, Stuttgart, Germany
2022 Dreamcast, Volery Gallery, Dubai, Group Show
2022 Spectrum, Better Go South, Stuttgart, Germany
2022 Sync in Progress, Tang Gallery, Beijing, China
2023 Fritto Misto, IRL Gallery, New York 
2023 Art Busan,  Fair with La Causa Gallery, Korea
2024 Urvanity Art Fair with La Causa Galeria, Madrid, Spain (March)

2024 Moosey, London, UK (April)


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