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Nina is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in Munich, Germany. She studied Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Munich. 

“Nina is a German designer, illustrator and artist whose work feels light, fun and full of hope, but that's not necessarily a reflection of her current mood. "Actually, I'm not very optimistic," she tells Creative Boom. "Sometimes the social or political mood drags you down." It's why she tries to counteract this by bringing positive and optimistic feelings back into daily life through her work. "In the fast pace of life, people are always in a hurry and sometimes forget that there are also small beautiful moments. I'm trying to remind them of what is important.”” Katy Cowan from Creativeboom
Feel free to contact me for commissions or collaborations or just to say hello!

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So viel Zeit muss sein
at Ruffini Munich

Loving Lines (Keith Haring)
at Folkwang Museum Essen 03/10/2020

Its Nice That
The Design Kids
Page Magazine Online
Page Magazine Printed Issue No. 07/2020

Nina is also part of the small Munich-based brewery Isarkindl Bier.